Easter 2011

Easter 2011
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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Coming down off the ledge.

Good morning! It's amazing how a fresh new day and some much needed advice and support from friends can completely change your outlook.

I need to send a big thank you to my friend, RB (you know who you are). Your support and willingness to always be there for me during each step of my very new journey has been amazing. Thank you so much. Coffee at Starbucks last night really helped get me down off the ledge.

If you are considering or have had lap band surgery-I highly recommend the website lapbandtalk.com. It has great information with posts and blogs from people who have been there. I posted some concerns yesterday and within hours I had several people respond with their experiences, support and advice. There are lots of people on there who are just considering the band, as well as help in finding doctors both with insurance or for self payers. I strongly recommend it. And, if you do happen to join, please look me up and "friend" me. My user name is BandNewMe.

I know this post is a big boring and not filled with my usual sarcasm or wit (at least I fancy myself a bit witty) but the past week has been beyond terrible. I'm apparently in something called "Bandster Hell." Lovely, right? And, let me tell you-it's certainly been hellish. But, the good news is-I'm getting through it. I'm surviving. I'm learning-not only about life with my band, but I'm learning about myself. I'm working on the very difficult "head issues" that have gotten me into this mess to begin with. And, no matter what avenue we take to lose weight-we all have to deal with our head issues. So, I'm thankful. I'm thankful for my family (who deal with me and my head issues day in and day out), my friends (who so faithfully talk me down off the ledge and accept me for who I am), technology (so helpful to me and my journey is meeting others who have been there); and oddly, I'm thankful for the ledges themselves-as being on the ledge and having to be talked off it, teaches me things about myself that I wouldn't otherwise learn. God is good, God is a gentle teacher who gets us to self discovery in His time and in His ways...man am I blessed.

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