Easter 2011

Easter 2011
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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Attack the Fat Challenge...version 4

I'm all signed up and ready for Attack the Fat Challenge version 4! I am so excited about it I can hardly stand it. I'm so happy because this time around-I have two of my friends with me. We will likely be paired with another person, but it will be fun to go through this next challenge with two good girlfriends by my side.

I also got some very good news from my doctor. They scheduled my first fill! And, because I'm traveling for work-they are filling me a bit early-at 5 weeks post surgery instead of 6 weeks. My fill date is August 30. Apparently the first fill is done in the surgery center with an x-ray and drinking the barium. I'm thankful for that because I'm excited to see my new "pouch" and get visual confirmation that all is well with my band.

I've had a better week than last week but it still brought me new challenges. I'm really struggling with how this new life will work for me. I'm struggling with what to eat (I was thankfully put on regular foods-no restrictions) and how much to eat. I've had some back pain and some tightness in my chest which had me worried (once again) that I've caused my band to slip. I believe I just ate too fast and too much and yes that can cause your band to slip. So-I'm backing way off and trying to remember to take it slow. I went back to softer foods today just until I'm feeling a bit more comfortable with everything.

So-stay tuned for Attack the Fat Challenge updates as well as weight loss updates. The challenge starts mid-September; my band should be tight; the weight should come flying off! :) In the meantime-thanks so much for your support. My family and friends (both old and new) have really helped me make it through the past month. I don't know what I'd do without each and everyone of you.

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