Easter 2011

Easter 2011
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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

To Jordan...with Love...

To all the naysayers out there, let me tell you…a trip to THE RUNNING STORE is an absolute MUST!

My feet have been killing me. I mean, seriously, I have barely been able to walk since the weekend. My training session on Monday was miserable. In fact, my trainer had to modify my cardio workout since I could barely hobble around on my poor, aching feet.

There is no question that I likely need to see a doctor and physical therapy may be in my future as well. BUT-I finally took the advice of some friends and stopped into The Running Store to find the ***perfect*** pair of shoes.

For those of you who know me, my idea of the ***perfect*** pair of shoes usually includes something shiny, sparkly and in a fabulous open toed sandal. And, in the case of athletic shoes, I typically lean towards something pink and cute. I never thought I’d need to purchase a pair of running shoes based on what they can DO for me.

In walks Jordan…my sales associate at The Running Store. (Insert the sound of harps and angels here) He got me up on the treadmill, took a picture of my walk (and lame attempt at a jog/run) and from that was able to determine what type of running shoe I NEED. Need-go figure that!

To make a short story long…my training session last night, in my new shoes was great! The foot pain was so much better. It wasn’t completely gone, but I was actually able to jog a few laps and walk a few laps and compared to Monday-that was a remarkable improvement.

So, thank you Jordan. Here’s to my gray and blue motion control Brooks…now if they only came in pink….

Monday, April 5, 2010

Oh-the pain!

Okay-I'm really trying hard not to complain, but good grief MY FEET HURT! It's agonizing! I've been to the foot doctor (need to go back) and I've tried the inserts. They seem to make it worse! I had to take them out of my work out shoes and I can't tell if the pain is getting better or worse, seriously.
My trainer actually had to have me do an alternate cardio work out because I can barely walk. I had little Hobbit feet this weekend...they swelled up; it was awful!
I'm going to head to The Running Store and see if a new pair of shoes helps out. Of course, I will feel a bit foolish walking into that store, but clearly need to get over that. Although I don't look like an athlete on the outside-I FEEL like one on the inside.
So, I sit here, soaking my aching feet, watching Dancing with the Stars and wondering when is it going to get better? Clearly the weight is a part of the problem, but you can't get the weigh off without serious exercise, which makes the feet ache even more!!! It's a ridiculous and PAINFUL cycle...