Easter 2011

Easter 2011
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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Back in Action.

Well the pink ladies are in full swing and feeling the pain! We've worked out together for almost 2 weeks and we are definitely in sync. We've encouraged each other and helped each other get through our workouts. I'm so excited about it! They're actually helping me push myself, especially with the running. So-a big shout out and thank you to the Pink Ladies...you guys ROCK!

Okay-I've had two more fills after my first fill. I think we are definitely still trying to find my sweet spot. For the first two days after a fill I'm on liquid, then 2 days soft then I transition to "regular" foods. I only really feel restriction until the 2nd day on regular foods, when I feel very little restriction. As a result, I'm down a total of 21 pounds. Which of course is great-I don't want to get caught up in having expected more than 21 pounds to diminish the fabulous-ness of having lost those pounds. I know this is a process-a marathon not a sprint.

It is such an adjustment-life with the band. I think I'm slowly learning to live (and eat) with my new tool. My workouts and food journaling are helping me stay on track. I'm excited about the coming 6 weeks and the additional progress I'll make as a result of my workouts and new eating habits. Stay tuned...

Monday, September 6, 2010

What the...?

Good news-I was down 19 pounds before my first fill! Can you believe that? How fabulous. Seriously, I am so excited about that. When I had my first fill my doctor told me the weight I'd lost up to this point was just "bonus pounds".

So imagine my surprise that here I am post-first fill and I feel LESS restriction from my band and I've gained 4 pounds?

Being the optimist-I'm looking at the 15 pounds lost and trying not to focus on that 4 pound "what in the world is going on" gain. I put a call in to my doctor but they're gone for the long weekend. I will touch base with them tomorrow. I'm sure they'll have me out to adjust my band accordingly and get this weight loss train moving again.

In the meantime, it looks as though I'm stuck at the station but looks we know can be deceiving. I am trying to look inside and figure out what I can learn from this. Patience perhaps-all good things come to those who wait? Being content with what we have-hello, I'll take that 15 pounds! And, in the end I know that this will work and as my doctor said, there is no failure only delayed success!

Have a happy Labor Day!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Grease is the word...

Our Attack the Fat Challenge team is assembled and NAMED. Yes, we are the "Pink Ladies." A little ode to the inner greaser in all of us and of course our shirts are pink.

I'm really looking forward to the challenge, which starts on September 13. Prepare to read all about our training sessions and our weekly progress. This time around, I've enlisted two girlfriends to join me. It's going to be fabulous! We will have each other to lean on and encourage during the 8 week session. AND-we'll be able to get together on off training days and do our "homework." So-RB and RG....let's get ready to rumble...or should I say, let's get ready to drag race in a souped up convertible. After all-grease is the word.